Oct 9, 2017

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What you should take into account before you hire event marquees

Marquee hire with dancefloor

Whether you are talking about marquees for weddings, marquees for garden parties or even marquees for corporate events, there are certain things that you have to consider before you go ahead and get one. Unlike indoor events where everything is provided, marquees are like half-complete structures – they are just walls with nothing else provided. Here is what you should take into account before you hire a marquee.

• You will need to think about how you power your marquee. This will be determined by how many items you need to power. If you need electricity for just a microphone and a PA then you can run an extension cord from your home (be very careful and mark the path where the cord travels clearly to avoid accidents). If you need to power more items then the best option is to hire a generator.

• You need to consider what furniture your guests will sit on. If you are hiring a tent for a wedding, for instance, you need to find furniture that is stylish and elegant to set the right ambiance. If you are having a party you will need a setting that allows people to sit and eat. You can talk to the marquee company about furniture – most of the good ones have connections with companies that rent furniture.

• How big a marquee do you need? Most good marquee companies have tents of different sizes so that clients can choose exactly what they need. The size of your marquee will be determined by the number of guests that you will have. Don’t get a very tight fit – you need to leave some room in order to avoid making the space feel claustrophobic. You should also consider an area for food and drinks.

• Will you need to partition your marquee? Some events require marquees to be partitioned – if you have a wedding, for example, you may need a changing area. You can also partition an area for food to make sure that everything remains hygienic. Find out if the company provides screens for partitioning.

• You need a bathroom area where your guests can relieve themselves. You should leave an area far-away enough for a mobile toilet. Ask the marquee company if they provide them or whether they can guide you towards one.

• Do you have enough space for your marquee to stand? This is determined by the size of your event. If it is a small party you can easily fit a marquee in your backyard but if you will have a lot of people you may want to hire a bigger space.

Lastly, think about how much you will spend overall when it comes to marquee hire. That means that you should consider the cost of the tent, generator, furniture, space hire and so on.

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