Oct 9, 2017

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101 Catering Services – Everything You Should Know About Catering

If you have ever planned an event you have probably heard the term catering and caterer, but what is catering really about? Read the following article and find out all there is to know about catering and catering services.

What Is Catering?

jkjkgThe service of providing food at an event is called catering. Your catering service will not only provide food at your venue, but often they will also provide the beverage and the waitstaff. It is really important what kind of catering service you choose as it can make all the difference at your event. Of course everyone will try to choose the catering service which suits their needs best, therefore you should consider whether you want a caterer which provides organic food or gluten-free food. Most of all, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to think about your own needs and desires prior to organizing an event. In this way you will be able to choose the right catering service for you and you will be satisfied with their services.

Why Is Catering Important?

Catering is a really big part of any event. It is just as important as the venue and the music you choose and even slightly less important than the decorations. When thinking back of the events you have been too, the celebrations you have visited as a guest – and you ask yourself what do you remember the most the answer probably is the complete atmosphere. However, there are probably events which you link to awful or amazing food in retrospect. Food is an important part of the overall atmosphere, but also are the service and the drinks.

Could I Do It Without A Caterer?

e1e57e0e75b7ebeae205e49787aafc20Of course you could organize an event even without a caterer, and it could even be quite alright and nice. However, employing a caterer to do this job for you will make it so much easier for you. Especially if you are organizing a very big event with numerous guests it can be difficult to organize something like that without a catering service. Furthermore, sometimes a caterer will make the most delicious food you can only imagine and never prepare by yourself. Moreover, caterers will have the much needed experience when it comes to organizing the entire event, preparing food and providing the necessary service.

Could I Ask My Caterer To Comply With My Requests?

Of course you could! Whether you would like a big chocolate-strawberry cake or a gluten-free menu, the catering service should provide the thing you want at your event. Keep in mind that there are numerous catering services out there, and that you will find the one which will fulfill all your requests you just have to find the right caterer and leave everything else for them to take care of. If you liked our blog please share it on social media


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Oct 27, 2015

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Catering for the club sandwich generation

The Sandwich generation is known as a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their children. Pew Research Center discovered that over 1 of every 8 Americans aged 40 to 60 is both raising a child and taking care of a parent. To add to their finding, there are between 7 to 10 million adults caring for their aging parents from long distance. By 2030, the Census Bureau statistics shows that that the number of older Americans aged 65 or older will double to over 70 million. The phrase “sandwich generation” was traditionally used to refer to younger women who single-handedly took care of their children. The women also had the obligation to meet the needs of their parents, employers, friends and many more. Now that people live longer, and children are growing up and needing continuing care, the “sandwiching” is undergone by both men and women who are in their late fifties.

The demographic may continue to escalate, but the idea remains the same. Matter of fact the diminishing economy has made the modern society have a substantial escalating of young post-college kids who return home to live with their parents or continue living with their parents throughout college. The taking care of the elderly parent while caring for your children is very challenging. The elders need food, health care and many more. With that well said, catering for the sandwich generations comes with a lot of challenges that can cause mental health problems. This is because your personal life is changed due to lack of time for yourself. Lack of sleep and anxiety are some of the challenges associated with it.

When all of these tasks start taking your life, you become at risk for mental health issues. Due to these challenges, caregivers always develop ambiguous feelings of fatigue, burnout, and depression. Emotional aspects put aside, most caregivers go through some common difficulties. Some of these obscurities include how to handle their time efficiently between children, older parent, family, work, and personal well-being. The divide between your time for yourself and catering for Catering for the sandwich generation is a confounding factor.

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Sep 25, 2015

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Take over your event planning so that you can enjoy the evening

When you are looking for a catering hire, it is important to look into the kind of kitchen equipment that they use and the catering supplies that they have available. It might also be useful to look into the catering jobs that they have done in the past to get first hand reviews on their work. Food catering can be done by just about anyone that has the patience, but large party caterers are not as often readily available so it is important to choose carefully. If you are in need of extra furniture, you may want to look into a caterer that offers marquees for outdoor events and tables and chair hire to make your end of the planning a little easier.

Event management

Party catering is often done by an outside catering company in order to make it easy on the host. If you have to worry about the catering services that a particular caterer has to offer, however, you are not going to be so relaxed about handing over the reins to your big event. Popular restaurants in London are an easy place to find office catering or home catering, but they are less likely to have the catering equipment necessary to handle a large wedding reception. This is where a marquee hire may be more beneficial.

Marquees are designed more to make an outdoor event seem like an indoor affair. They often include all of the catering equipment hire to cater to larger events. Although some marquee hires do not include food catering, many do. For those that do not, though, there are wedding caterers that can step in and make sure every guest at the event is fed and happy. London caterers are paid to make sure that you do not have to worry. It is important that you find an event catering company that you can rely on to make sure that everything is done the way that you want.

Purple wedding event

Wedding catering is often the most stressful because it is very unlikely that you have the large catering equipment necessary to easily throw everything together yourself, but even that does not have to be. Catering companies in London can make sure that everything that you need is taken care of, but it is up to you to make sure to find the caterer that will best suit your needs.
You have to first take note of what kind of event you are looking for, and then figure out what kind of services that you will need. Whether it is a large affair or a small gathering of close friends, you can be sure that there is someone waiting to take over your event planning so that you can enjoy the evening.

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Sep 16, 2015

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Great places to start for all of your catering equipment hire needs

Whether you are only looking for furniture such as tables and chairs, or bigger items like kitchen equipment or marquees, catering companies are a great option when it comes to the various catering equipment that you will need for any of your events, large or small. Catering services are a convenient way to pass off a lot of the work that is involved in planning any kind of party, without feeling guilty and while saving on the final costs because everything is usually included. Often times, even food catering is included with a marquee hire.

catering services

Restaurants in London often offer party catering but sometimes only serve smaller parties such as office catering or home catering. The catering jobs that they work on will often be determined by the size of the restaurant that you choose to work with. If you are looking for event catering for larger events, you may need to look into a catering company that specializes in catering supplies or outside catering. These kinds of companies will more likely have all of the catering supplies readily available, as well as the means to provide services to more guests and the staff to handle all of the work ahead of them.

Wedding caterers are especially useful when you are looking for party caterers, because there are many companies that are willing to cater to just about any event that you wish to plan and they are not reserved simply for weddings. Although wedding catering is typically the most common purpose in spending the money to have someone do the job for you, most companies realize that not everyone has the ability or the mindset to plan an entire event on their own and are willing to help with whatever you have in mind. London caterers will often have an event planner on staff to make sure that you have everything you need for the big day.

event planning

If you are looking for a fancy meal for the annual Christmas party at work, or something a little more extravagant for one of the biggest nights of your life, catering companies in London are great places to start for all of your catering equipment hire needs. A marquee to keep the heat of the sun at bay, event furniture for the entire guest list, and the ability to make sure everyone is satisfied at the end of the night is what party caterers are there for. The best part is, finding a catering company that has an event planner on staff means that you are free to relax even before the eve of your big day. Caterers will set up their equipment, take care of your guests, and clean up when they are done. Leaving more time for you to simply relax and have fun.

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Sep 16, 2015

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How to Choose a Catering Hire Company

how to choose a catering hire company

Catering hire is something that should be considered carefully; the caterer that you choose will be responsible not just for providing good food but also for ensuring that it is hygienically prepared and properly presented. Whether you are looking to hire a caterer for a wedding, a party or an office event there are several things that you should take into account:

referral • Start by asking relatives, friends and colleagues if they know of any good caterers. Many people have hosted events and they usually have the contact details of their caterers. The great thing about a referral is that you will be using a caterer who has already been tested and found to be good. That said, you should not choose a caterer simply because they have been referred to you; check whether they will suit your needs and whether you will get along with them.

• You should find out what their specialty is – there are some caterers that do small events only and others who do big events. In addition to that, find out whether they have experience in the kind of menu that you want to present to your guests.

• Ask to see a portfolio – a good caterer will take pictures of some of their specialty dishes so that his clients can have an idea of what they can expect. In addition to that, ask for the contact information of the last 3 clients that they catered for and what kind of menus they served.

• It is very important to clear up the issue of drinks before you hire a caterer. There are some who provide drinks but there are many who leave drinks to the client. Since you don’t want to fond yourself rushing around looking for drinks you should know beforehand where they will be coming from.

get catering quotes• You should get a quote before you hire. Make sure that it is written so that you can refer to it in case you need to. Ask the caterer to itemize so that you can know exactly what you are paying for. Beware – there are some caterers who are unnecessarily expensive only because they are used to catering celebrity events. That said, you should not hire a caterer because they are cheap – they may not be very good. Hire a reputable caterer that you can afford.

• Find out if they take care of special needs – if some of your guests are vegetarians, or kosher for instance, will they be taken care of?

• Before you hire you should attend a tasting where you can taste a sample of your menu, see table settings and also how the meal is presented.

These tips should to a good catering company for your event.

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Sep 7, 2015

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A concerned Chef Blesses London with a Filipino cuisine & culture

Pepe's kitchen

A caterer by the name Salu Salo Williams launches a dynamic club in London for its residents to enjoy the best of Filipino meals in the city, relishing them with Philippines’ history, culture and her budding up years in the motherland.

This dream started way back in 2011 with canapés – when it started a small catering company in London, making canapés for corporate and private events. This was a wholesome delight and everyone loved this service due to the Filipino blend of the piece.

This made this pretty caterer offer her best and she made the popular London restaurant — Pepe’s Kitchen. This highly sought spot was named after her dad who inspired and tutored her to ride with her passion she thought she never had—cooking.

And with this going on and progress showing up for it, Williams has taking another giant stride to top up the game by coming up with one more dining idea, the first Filipino “ultimate club” or pop-up restaurant in the United Kingdom. This is the main spot where she has promised to provide the best and serve traditional, regional and street food dishes presented in a classy modern way.

The most vital deal in Pepe’s Kitchen is my memory, those of which of the methods the food is prepared, its looks and tastes in the Philippine style. The pleasure for me is taking those sweet memories, experience, authentic Filipino ingredients and style of cooking to a cosmopolitan arena,” William says.

Williams famous award winning dishes are humba, kinilaw, kare-kare and brazo de Mercedes. She also creates homemade ube, durian and kapeng barako-flavored ice cream, all blockbusters in the restaurant.

Initiating the new supper club, Williams needed Londoners to feel and experience the best Filipino food in the city, and yet get the privilege to share with clients the Philippines’ history, culture and her developmental years in the motherland.

Pepe's Kitchen LogoLondon’s starting to welcome new cuisine, and this trend is growing globally, and over in the United States, precisely New York, Filipino cuisine is the new thing and emerging trend. So Londoners are going to get the best of Filipino dishes, thanks to this thoughtful and caring caterer, the city will smell and taste better.

For non-Filipinos or first-timers, she says she would often hear positive comments, such as being surprised to know that Filipino food has depth, in terms of flavor and color. She has also noticed that whenever British and European natives try Filipino food, they would always know what makes it distinct and then would try more.

This amazing caterer is most excited about the people she had influenced after launching her restaurants as they in turn have become chefs who are now helping raise the level of cognizance for Filipino cuisine in London.

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