Sep 16, 2015

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How to Choose a Catering Hire Company

how to choose a catering hire company

Catering hire is something that should be considered carefully; the caterer that you choose will be responsible not just for providing good food but also for ensuring that it is hygienically prepared and properly presented. Whether you are looking to hire a caterer for a wedding, a party or an office event there are several things that you should take into account:

referral • Start by asking relatives, friends and colleagues if they know of any good caterers. Many people have hosted events and they usually have the contact details of their caterers. The great thing about a referral is that you will be using a caterer who has already been tested and found to be good. That said, you should not choose a caterer simply because they have been referred to you; check whether they will suit your needs and whether you will get along with them.

• You should find out what their specialty is – there are some caterers that do small events only and others who do big events. In addition to that, find out whether they have experience in the kind of menu that you want to present to your guests.

• Ask to see a portfolio – a good caterer will take pictures of some of their specialty dishes so that his clients can have an idea of what they can expect. In addition to that, ask for the contact information of the last 3 clients that they catered for and what kind of menus they served.

• It is very important to clear up the issue of drinks before you hire a caterer. There are some who provide drinks but there are many who leave drinks to the client. Since you don’t want to fond yourself rushing around looking for drinks you should know beforehand where they will be coming from.

get catering quotes• You should get a quote before you hire. Make sure that it is written so that you can refer to it in case you need to. Ask the caterer to itemize so that you can know exactly what you are paying for. Beware – there are some caterers who are unnecessarily expensive only because they are used to catering celebrity events. That said, you should not hire a caterer because they are cheap – they may not be very good. Hire a reputable caterer that you can afford.

• Find out if they take care of special needs – if some of your guests are vegetarians, or kosher for instance, will they be taken care of?

• Before you hire you should attend a tasting where you can taste a sample of your menu, see table settings and also how the meal is presented.

These tips should to a good catering company for your event.

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Sep 7, 2015

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A concerned Chef Blesses London with a Filipino cuisine & culture

Pepe's kitchen

A caterer by the name Salu Salo Williams launches a dynamic club in London for its residents to enjoy the best of Filipino meals in the city, relishing them with Philippines’ history, culture and her budding up years in the motherland.

This dream started way back in 2011 with canapés – when it started a small catering company in London, making canapés for corporate and private events. This was a wholesome delight and everyone loved this service due to the Filipino blend of the piece.

This made this pretty caterer offer her best and she made the popular London restaurant — Pepe’s Kitchen. This highly sought spot was named after her dad who inspired and tutored her to ride with her passion she thought she never had—cooking.

And with this going on and progress showing up for it, Williams has taking another giant stride to top up the game by coming up with one more dining idea, the first Filipino “ultimate club” or pop-up restaurant in the United Kingdom. This is the main spot where she has promised to provide the best and serve traditional, regional and street food dishes presented in a classy modern way.

The most vital deal in Pepe’s Kitchen is my memory, those of which of the methods the food is prepared, its looks and tastes in the Philippine style. The pleasure for me is taking those sweet memories, experience, authentic Filipino ingredients and style of cooking to a cosmopolitan arena,” William says.

Williams famous award winning dishes are humba, kinilaw, kare-kare and brazo de Mercedes. She also creates homemade ube, durian and kapeng barako-flavored ice cream, all blockbusters in the restaurant.

Initiating the new supper club, Williams needed Londoners to feel and experience the best Filipino food in the city, and yet get the privilege to share with clients the Philippines’ history, culture and her developmental years in the motherland.

Pepe's Kitchen LogoLondon’s starting to welcome new cuisine, and this trend is growing globally, and over in the United States, precisely New York, Filipino cuisine is the new thing and emerging trend. So Londoners are going to get the best of Filipino dishes, thanks to this thoughtful and caring caterer, the city will smell and taste better.

For non-Filipinos or first-timers, she says she would often hear positive comments, such as being surprised to know that Filipino food has depth, in terms of flavor and color. She has also noticed that whenever British and European natives try Filipino food, they would always know what makes it distinct and then would try more.

This amazing caterer is most excited about the people she had influenced after launching her restaurants as they in turn have become chefs who are now helping raise the level of cognizance for Filipino cuisine in London.

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